First Trimester Feelings or “Wait a minute, is that a second head?”

First "Bump" Picture: 8 Weeks Pregnant

First “Bump” Picture: 8 Weeks Pregnant

After flying home, I never really got morning sickness again. My first trimester was smooth sailing. I found a doctor whom several of my mommy friends recommended, I called the clinic, and set up an appointment around the 3 month mark. And then I waited. Impatiently. In the mean time, I felt so good actually that I was a little paranoid that something was wrong. But, I was exhausted and starving all the time. That was new for me, so I figured I was on track. I remember thinking, “If this is as bad as it’s going to get, I think I’m pretty lucky. My husband, Justin, and I told our parents and siblings and some of our close friends. Everyone was so excited.

As the days went by, I had a harder time sleeping, mostly because I had a hard time getting comfortable at night, but also because I had a hard time shutting off my brain. It was August now and as a teacher I had a lot to prepare for the upcoming school year, and this year would bring me so many new experiences. Along with the impending school year, my first appointment was also coming closer. I was so nervous. I couldn’t believe that I had to wait three months for my first check up. I felt like I had so much to learn, so much to do, and I tried to do it all. I downloaded not one but three pregnancy apps for my phone, I borrowed baby books from friends, I bought a pregnancy journal, and googled all the do’s and don’ts of pregnant life. I was determined to be the most healthy pregnant woman I could be. I was going to keep exercising, doing yoga and pilates regularly, or whenever I could collect the energy to actually work out- did I mention that I was completely exhausted! But I tried, and as the days went by, our baby went from being a sesame seed to a blueberry to a grape to a lime – because that’s what we did – we kept track of our baby’s growth according to fruits and vegetables. And we had fun doing it, too! Looking back, knowing everything that we’d end up going through, I’d do it all again. Except I’d probably worry less, sleep more, and let’s be honest, eat more, too!

The school year eventually started and, after weeks of waiting, our appointment finally came a few days later. My husband came with me, we filled out the paperwork, I weighed in, had my vitals taken and answered all of the nurse’s questions. My doctor and his nurse seemed wonderful, really easy going. My doctor did a general exam and decided to do an ultrasound. My first ever ultrasound. The warm gel was spread around and the doctor rubbed a wand around my slightly rounded belly. Right away, I could see a little round head, and then looking at the screen, my husband said, “Wait a minute, is that a second head?” Reflexively, I responded, “No, no way. That’s impossible!” My doctor smiled, and I realized that Justin was right. I got chills as a shockwave of surprise hit me, “Oh my god! … Oh my god!” was all I could say. My nurse gave me a big hug and my doctor said, “He spoiled the surprise!” with a big smile on his face, “there’s definitely too much in there to be only one.” I cried happy, shocked tears as I watched the two little baby forms on the monitor. My husband was stunned and could hardly speak, but to say, “Twins!” with the biggest smile on his face. The doctor explained how we would proceed and how this would change our plan for monitoring my progress. In all our excitement, we tried to soak up the information as best we could.

We spent the rest of the day in euphoric bliss. We called our parents and shared the shock. They were ecstatic and received the news with laughter and happy tears. After that, the news was out and we started our ride on a happy train. Every once in awhile we would take turns to stop and have a shell-shocked, is-this-really-happening kind of moment. And for the second time in the past few months, our whole world changed.



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