Thankfulness for Our Baby’s First Thanksgiving

Today is a day of thankfulness and my husband and I have so very much for which we can give thanks. We ended up spending the day with just the two of us and our daughter because we live in a land that is ruled by the weather and winter is on full force, but we still had a wonderful holiday and have much to look forward to for the remainder of our holiday weekend. Here is my top ten to be thankful for this year:

I am thankful for:

    1. Wonderfully Delicious Homemade Food (because isn’t that what Thanksgiving is really all about :) )
    2. Loving family and the fact that I will still get to see most of them this weekend (weather permitting)
    3. My body’s wonderfully crazy ability to produce food for my daughter (and a dozen other babies as well!!!)
    4. A healthy self and family
    5. Being able to stay home with my daughter this year and getting to see her grow every minute of every day
    6. Having he best, most caring, and giving friends that I honestly don’t deserve
    7. Being able to find the silver lining in any situation
    8. Having options and doors worth opening
    9. A husband that is so involved in raising our daughter and so very in love with her
    10. Most of all I am thankful for our beautiful happy healthy growing baby girl!

Wishing all a Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Family

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I am the proud mother of a beautiful little girl who was born 3 months premature. I am writing to share my experiences throughout my pregnancy, our time in the NICU, and our life after.

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