The Long Road that Brought Us Here

Welcome! Thank you for visiting my page! I am sharing my story that began in July of 2013 when I first found out I was pregnant. After a few good months and a couple of very difficult months, my daughter was born 3 months premature in December and spent just over 4 months in the NICU. During our time in the hospital, I always found it helpful to hear stories from other parents who went through similar situations and to hear how their child went on to be a healthy happy human being. I know that isn’t always the case, but that is why I want to share our story. Despite only weighing 1lb 5oz when she was born, our daughter is thriving now and overcame a lot to get where she is now. We had our challenges along the way, but we made it. This is our story…

About Vanessa

I am the proud mother of a beautiful little girl who was born 3 months premature. I am writing to share my experiences throughout my pregnancy, our time in the NICU, and our life after.

3 comments on “The Long Road that Brought Us Here

  1. It is amazing how time flies. The feeling of loneliness gets better but sure is tough, especially that first month. Until you read around and find that there are people with similar experiences. I like your site and will continue to check on updates. If you have a chance to check out that would be great. Keep it up !

  2. Wow, our son was just about the same weight as your daughter, 1 pound, 6.5 ounces, born at 22 weeks and 6 days of gestation. He’s now two and a half. I’m working on a book about our experience, but it’s going very slowly. I like your blog!

    • Thank you, Eric! It’s so exciting for me to hear stories about kiddos who have grown up after starting so little and so early! I am just starting to write my story, but I would love to one day make it into a book! Keep writing! I’d love to read your story!

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